Working with Great Ideas is what makes my creativity tick. A broad brand vision that transcends one product alone helps me to tap into all the benefits of my education and experience. And have fun while writing, concepting or giving storytelling workshops.

My background in cultural anthropology and social psychology serve as valuable assets in my work in advertising and communication. I understand culture and know how to translate psychological insights and ideas into compelling stories.

My career in advertising started as videomaker, after which I focused on screenwriting, copywriting, concepting and creative consultancy. Almost ten years of experience have created a strong combination of intuition and technique, and the ability to connect enticing copy to compelling imagery. 

Besides advertising and communication I love theatre, dance, yoga, my dog Charley, philosophy and buddhist psychology. I’m trying really hard to understand quantum physics too, but so far without success…

Working for the cultural industry and social initiatives that make the world a bit nicer also spark my joy. So don’t hesitate to ask for the reduced fee if you have a great project to get out there, but not the biggest budget in the universe.

Tel: +31 6 437 58 158